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Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club
Raleigh North Carolina Chapter

(Formally the Louisburg NC Chapter)
Buffalo Soldier

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Our Philosophy

To promote the history of African American Veterans.
To be a positive role model for youth in our Community.
To support our veterans by visiting local Veterans, their families, and supporting our fallen Hero's.
To support Charitable Organizations in our Community. We have submitted our 501C3 application in September 2012.
To uphold the traditions and standards of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club.
To promote Motorcycle Safety in our Community.

Our Vision

We are one of 100 chapters Nationally. We strongly encourage a positive image and behavior of our members. We believe that we are role models and share a responsibility and a positive value system to our respective communities. We do not discriminate against race, religion, gender or ethnic origin. We accept those who share our values and support our cause.

Potential members are allowed to become Prospect Members by vote of the club. A motorcycle endorsement is required to become a full member. Prospect members, upon completing specific requirements, may be voted in to become Full Members. Only Full members are allowed to vote.

Monthly dues are $20.00 for Full members, and $10.00 for Prospects. Associate members are not charged monthly dues.

We are one of Five Chapters in North Carolina, here are links to the other Chapters in the State:

Fayetteville -

Greensboro -

Charlotte -

Wilmington -


Upcoming Events (see our Calendar for more details)
Raleigh BSMC 2014 $1000.00 Scholarship Winner - Whitney Johnson
Raleigh BSMC Raffle Winners

Thanks to all that supported our Fall fund raising raffle

$200.00 - B. Horne

$100.00 - Loretta Knight

$50.00 - Debra McPherson