Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Raleigh

Our Philosophy

  1. To promote history of African American veterans
  2. To be positive role models for youth in our comunity
  3. To support charitable organizations in our community
  4. To uphold the standards and traditions of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle club.
  5. To promote motorcycle safety in our community

Our Mission

The purpose of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle club of Raleigh, NC is to educate others about the proud legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers, while also creating riding activities that benefit the overall community and our club.  We will also promote a positive image to the community.

Our Vision

We are the 87th chapter established out of over 100 national chapters.  We strongly encourage a positive image and positive behavior of all our members.  We do not discriminate against race, religion, gender or ethnic origin.  We accept those who share our values and support our cause.

History Moment

9th Calvary - How They Got their Name

Stories relationg to the origin of the legendary name "Buffalo Soldiers" are as varied as there are people to tell them.    Presented here are a few of the most accepted ideas regarding the name.  Some attribute it to the Indians likening the short curly hair of the black troopers to that of the buffalo.  Another possibility for the nickname was the heavy buffalo robes the soldiers wore on winter campaigns.  Others  say that When the American bison was wounded or cornered, it fought ferociously, displaying uncommon stamina and courage, identical to the black men in battle.


Their adversary, whether Indians, outlaws, Mexican revolutionaries, or gun smugglers, found that the Buffalo Soldiers could not easily be diverted from their trail.  Whatever the reason for the name, the Buffalo Soldier has come down in American military history as one of the proudest individuals of all.

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Member only

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Potential members are allowed to become Prospect members by vote of the club.  Prospect member, upon completing specific requirements may be voted in to become full members.

Safety Brief

Wet Weather Riding

Member News

Congratulate our newest Full Members.

Randy "lil Supe" Rawlins

Latest News

48 States 48 Capitals

Raleigh NC  Buffalo Soldiers were Happy to meet Buffalo Soldier "Cuba" as he made his way  to accomplishing his goal.

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